Agile2022 Conference


“How well is my team working?”

Creating and sustaining effective, collaborative, and disciplined delivery teams is a complex problem. These sessions at Agile2022 can give you the answers to help unlock and unblock your thinking about supporting successful teams, and give you ideas for how to enable high-performance human systems.

Who should attend: Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Members, Team Leaders

Strydom and Callahan

Reading the Undercurrents of Team Interactions

– Kevin Callahan & William Strydom

Effective teams deliver better results and more satisfaction, yet high team performance remains elusive. Unproductive conflict, personality mismatches, and poor communication undercut team efforts. We’ll go on a hands-on journey below the surface of team behavior. We’ll explore the Kolb Experiential Learning Model and Kantor Structural Dynamics to better understand how perspectives and behaviors drive team behavior. You’ll learn how your and others’ preferences align or oppose; ways to avoid unproductive conflict; and how to work across differences to improve effectiveness.  > Register Now


Unlocking High Performing Product Teams

– Kaelin Burns

Lots of organizations say they have high-performing teams and good product culture, but it’s rare to have both, and even rarer to know what changes make it true. Extreme Programming (XP) creates high-performing product teams through the product culture it establishes: happy teams that produce high quality and high-value work. XP is the key to this, and the best part is that you don’t need to be an engineer to practice it. Introducing XP-for-everyone into your own practice and to your teams unlocks the ability to create and champion good product culture and high-performing teams.
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“When Will It Be Done?!” and How to Remove This Thorn from Software Development

– Zach Bonaker

Managers have to make decisions in the presence of uncertainty, and it’s a reasonable desire to want to know when something will be done. But, the urge to ask, “When will it be done?” can cause projects to fail. In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn two simple ways to reframe estimation conversations which improve your ability to forecast and make better decisions. You’ll also learn how reframing with the right questions improves relationships, leading to increased trust, safety, and collaboration. Best of all, reframing the conversation takes no permission, budget, or technology; you can start today!  > Register now

Doc Norton Agile Speaker

Useful Metrics for Agile Teams

– Doc Norton

If you want to know that you are making progress, you need to measure. You have to be able to compare your current state to a prior state in order to know if you are progressing toward the desired (or expected) outcome. So, like it or not, you need metrics. How are you supposed to know which is the right metric to use – velocity or throughput, lead time or cycle time, Burn-down, or CFD? And what about people gaming the metrics? In this intensive workshop, we’ll cover the what, the why, and the how of selecting and using the right metrics to help your teams and products improve.  > Register now

What is Agile Software Development

Strengthen your team with these Agile 2022 sessions!

These talks and workshops will help you to help your team be more successful. Join us at Agile2022 this July and learn from the practitioners who have put these ideas to work in the real world.

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