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“Is our product the best it can be?”

Everyone talks about “Product Thinking” and “Product-Centric”. Agile is the place where those ideas originated and where new ideas in product management can be found. These sessions at Agile2022 can give you the answers to help unlock and unblock your thinking about what it takes to deliver a product that is truly the best it can be.

Who should attend: Product Owners, Product Managers, Engineering Leads

Tobey Aumann & Daniel Presten

Project to Product: Learn from Our Mistakes

– Daniel Presten & Tobey Aumann

Our modern development landscape demands organizations shift from a project-centric view of development to a product-centric view. Making that transition may seem simple on the surface, but in practice even we, the company that wrote the book “Project to Product”, have run into our share of complications. In this session, Tasktop’s Chief Product Officer and Flow Advisory members share key learnings from our own project to product journey, including the challenges and missteps we’ve overcome when moving from project-thinking to product-thinking.
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Robert Woods

Developing a CLEAR Agile Product Roadmap

– Robert Woods

When will it be done!? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a complex, multi-national product rollout or a simple localized app. We like to have a sense of predictability, quality, and adaptability in our efforts. How do we keep everyone from the stakeholders to the team on the same page with the outcomes we are hoping to achieve, the ways we expect to get there, and the timelines we can expect to see results in? How do we keep plans from being formed in a vacuum, allow for data-informed decision-making, and ensure we can quickly adjust priorities when it becomes obvious of the need? This talk will give you the answers! > Register now

Gil Broza

How Product Management Takes an Active Role in Technical Agility

– Gil Broza

Do you have Scrum/Kanban teams frequently releasing high-value, quality product updates? Unfortunately, such Agility usually doesn’t last, with features starting to take longer to build, changes becoming riskier to make, and quality getting more difficult to maintain. In short: the cost of change increases, and the safety to make it decreases. One element of preventing this threat to agility is for the team to have good Technical Agility. However, the most common strategy to achieving that – expecting developers to use “technical practices” – rarely makes a lasting, noticeable difference. > Register now

Melissa Perri

Product Thinking: The Secret to Scaling Value

– Melissa Perri

Over the past decade, many companies have turned to Agile to help them improve how they build and release software to customers. Now, we’re faced with different questions – “How do I ensure that our company goals are being met?” “How do we scale value creation across an organization?” “How do I make sure everyone is moving in the same direction?” These questions cannot be solved solely through good processes – either agile or product. They need a deeper understanding of how software can be a strategic differentiator for companies and a core part of their company strategy. Melissa will break down what product thinking is and how successful companies scale their product management organizations to create extreme value.  > Register now

What is Agile Software Development

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These Agile talks will help you and your teamdeliver a product that is the best that it can be. Join us at Agile2022 this July and learn from the expert practitioners who have put these ideas to work in the real world.

Join us at Agile2022 this July!