Agile 2022

Convince your company to send you to Agile2022 in Nashville, Tennessee

Interested in attending Agile2022, but not sure how to convince your company to fund the trip? We’ve come up with a sample letter that you can use as a starting place for crafting your own request for attendance. Just copy, paste and edit the letter as needed. If you have questions about earning PDUs or SEUs, please visit the Agile2022 FAQ page.

Subject Line: Professional Development Request

Good morning [Insert Name],

I would like to attend Agile2022, the annual conference presented by Agile Alliance, which is scheduled for July 18 – 22, 2022, in Nashville, TN. This is a highly respected event in our industry and in this message, I’ve included key details of the conference as well as the return on investment for our company.

Agile Alliance is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people and organizations who explore, apply and expand Agile values, principles and practices. Agile conferences are known for creating a space for the community to convene and for ideas to flourish. This event attracts Agile practitioners at all levels, including coaches/Scrum Masters, developers, product owners, testers and managers.

Educational Program

Agile2022 will feature internationally recognized speakers covering more than 150 topics that are important to my job. Information on the full schedule is included on the Agile Alliance website, but here are some of the topics I would find most useful:

  • [Insert Your Own Choices from the Agile2022 Program]
  • How Can I Better Work with the Consultants My Company Hired?
  • Simple & Effective Solutions to Agile Finance
  • Product Management & Product Design
  • Within the Black Mirror: When Good Tech Goes Bad

As you will see from the schedule, I will also be able to participate in a variety of hands-on workshops, breakout sessions, and other learning opportunities. And finally, there will be time for me to attend the exhibit hall, where I can make connections with key vendors.


Here are the approximate costs of attending this event. One important point – most of the attendee meals are provided onsite and included in the registration fee, so that expense will be minimal.

  • Conference Registration – $2,299 plus $49 for membership for a total of $2,348
  • Hotel Costs – $245 per night for five nights for a total of $1,225 plus tax
  • Airfare – $350
  • Airport Transfers – $75
  • Additional Meals – $150



Your ROI

Allowing me to attend this conference, and making this investment in my career, will provide significant benefits for [INSERT COMPANY NAME].

  • All presentations are selected through a peer-review process focused on securing content that addresses real-world problems. I will leave this conference with actionable ideas and insights.
  • Five days of training from software practitioners at innovative and early adopter companies will provide knowledge that will ensure my skills are up-to-date. This will help me better perform the duties of my job.
  • During my time in the exhibit hall, I can explore the latest advancements in the industry and make contact with key representatives on our behalf. This will save time and money researching vendor contacts.
  • Agile events are known as a great resource for insight, ideas and inspiration, all of which will help me grow as an employee.
  • In-person events produce more impactful learning and business opportunities, as well as increased communication and emotional connections between participants. After two years of virtual learning, I am anxious to return to an in-person conference.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. If you have any questions, or if you need any additional information, please let me know.

Save with our Member Discount

Agile Alliance members can save $300 off the regular Agile2022 conference registration fee. If you’re not yet a member, you can join now for just $49US/year to take advantage of this offer. Your membership enables Agile Alliance to offer a wealth of first-rate resources, present renowned international events, support global community groups, and more — all geared toward helping Agile practitioners reach their full potential and deliver innovative solutions.