Agile2021 Submissions

July 19 – 22  |  Online

Call for Submissions is Now Closed

We’re focused on bringing together Agile practitioners and learners from around the world. Whether you’re an experienced or first-time speaker, we encourage you to submit your proposal no later than 11:59pm EDT April 15th, 2021. The information on this page is essential for submitting your proposal. Included below are tips for writing a good proposal, the speaker benefits, and other information to get you started. We encourage you to review this entire page before beginning the submission process.

What We’re Looking For

This year’s event is 100% online, which gives an excellent opportunity for you to reach a diverse audience from around the globe in our multi-region format. We are currently accepting submissions for the following presentation types: 30-Minute Talks, 50-Minute Workshops, and 15-Minute Experience Reports.

Agile 2021 Speaker

30-Minute Talks

Pre-recorded informative or instructional talks with live Q&A on an Agile topic.

50-Minute Workshops

Live virtual workshop that is designed to teach or develop a certain set of skills. Workshops are focused on collaborative learning with a mix of instruction and practical exercises.

agile 2021 Workshops

Experience Reports

A pre-recorded 15-minute talk based on a written 6-8 page paper which will be published on the Agile Alliance website.

Presentation Details

Our goal is to produce the best experience for the conference attendees. We want to give the speaker flexibility to build and deliver a tremendous pre-recorded talk or live workshop. Furthermore, we want you to have a great experience working with us as well.

agile2021 Speaker

Pre-Recorded Talks

Pre-recording talks allow us to bypass some of the pitfalls of live virtual events. It also gives you more opportunities to be really creative in delivering your talk. Think about ways to shoot your video at home, your workplace, or in some fantastic location to create high engagement with your audience. If you are selected, you will need to produce and deliver your 30-minute long video several weeks before our July 19th event week. At the event, your outstanding work will be live-streamed to the audience at the scheduled 50-minute time slot. Once completed, you will go live for a 20-minute interactive question and answer session with the audience.

Agile Alliance will provide you with the following content and event support if selected:

  • Production guidance and coaching support for your video production
  • Volunteers during the event to help with session logistics.

Live Workshops

All Agile2021 workshops will use Agile Alliance’s Zoom meeting platform in our online event space. You will have essential features like chat and breakout rooms available to you during the workshop, and we will give you host control of the Zoom session. Your 50 min session needs to be interactive and includes clear instructions to the attendees. You will also need to spend some time learning the platform’s host features and setting up your content for a virtual classroom if your workshop is selected – we can offer you help with this. We encourage you to develop your proposal with a co-facilitator who will help you with running your session. Lastly, make sure you indicate how many participants you would want to attend your workshop in your submission. Highly interactive sessions work better with smaller groups.

If your workshop is selected, we’ll  provide you with:

  • Coaching on best practices on using zoom for a virtual classroom
  • Host control of the Zoom session during your workshop
  • A conference volunteer who will assist with room logistics.
Agile2021 Workshops

Experience Reports

Experience Reports offer the opportunity for you to share your personal observations, hard-fought wisdom, and practical advice through a written 6-8 page paper published on the Agile Alliance website and presented at the conference. An experience report is a firsthand description of challenges faced, approaches taken, observations, and insights. We want to hear stories from all parts of the globe on a wide range of topics. We are interested in both stories told by experienced agilists, recounting the most recent chapter of their agile journey as well as those from reporters newer to agile practices, sharing their insights and learning. We know it’s not easy to get ideas onto paper. Whether you’re a first-time author or you already have some publications under your belt, we can all benefit from some guidance and help. ‘Shepherding’ is a process where more experienced authors guide and coach you through writing your experience report paper. If your proposal is accepted, you will be assigned a shepherd to work with you to help you shape your paper and get it ready for publication.

If your Experience Report is accepted, we’ll help you with:

  • Shaping your paper and preparing it for publication
  • Production guidance and coaching support for your video production
  • Volunteers during the event to help with session logistics.

Keynotes, Panels, and Other Session Types

These types of sessions are arranged outside of the submission process. Please contact us if you have an idea for a keynote or panel discussion.

Agile 2021 International Speakers

Your Voice is Important

If English is not your primary language, don’t let this stop you from submitting a proposal! Our goal is to make this a diverse and inclusive event, and we will help you refine your proposal and build your talk. English is the primary language for the event, but we have an opportunity to provide translation capabilities.

What are the critical dates for submission?

April 1st–15th

Feedback period from the Program Team

Agile Submission Deadline

April 15th

Last day to submit your session

2nd Week of May

Speakers of selected sessions will be notified

New Speaker or Need Help Writing a Proposal?

We want to help you share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with other Agile practitioners. Regardless of whether you are a first-time speaker or someone who has lots of stage experience, we know that we cannot address all of the questions you may have here. With that, we have some tips for you to follow:

  • Do your best to complete all sections on the submission form
  • Request feedback and then act on that feedback
  • Join one of our Ask Us Anything Sessions every Wednesday at 7:00 AM UTC for an information session on the Agile2021 submission process.  We’ll share a quick presentation about the submission process and how to increase your chances of speaking at Agile2021. After the short presentation, we will open it up to LIVE Q&A.
  • All content must adhere to the Agile Alliance Code of Conduct
  • You must obtain the rights to use any copyrighted materials you include in your talks or workshops. Ask us for information if you’re uncertain about fair-use guidelines
Agile 2021 Speaker Help

Speaker Remuneration

For presenting at Agile2021 all speakers will receive a $250 honorarium, one complimentary All Access Pass to the event, and Agile Alliance individual membership for 2021. Workshop sessions can have one co-facilitator, and both the workshop leader and co-facilitator will receive speaker remuneration.

What is our Review Process?

The conference team uses a fair and thoughtful process to review all submissions. This includes having multiple reviewers go over each submission and providing feedback as requested to improve the topics. It is essential that you ask for feedback, check for updates and make improvements based on the reviewer’s suggestions. This will increase your chances of being selected. More information on the Agile2021 review and selection process can be found here.