Agile 2021 Minimum Viable Conference

Join us for the Minimum Viable Conference

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

12–2PM EST | 12–2AM HKT | 6–8PM CEST | 11AM–1PM CDT

The Minimum Viable Conference offers a preview of the different types of great content you can expect at Agile2021. This jam-packed 2-hour event will offer a sampler of each of the kinds of informative sessions on offer in the full conference program. And it’s FREE to attend!


“How to Talk to the Elephant”

Linda Rising Keynote Agile2021 Speaker

Linda Rising

Independent Consultant
Linda Rising LLC

About the Keynote Session

In speaking about better ways of thinking and problem-solving, Linda has introduced Jonathan Haidt’s model for the brain. He proposes that the rational, conscious mind is like the rider of an elephant (the emotional, unconscious mind) who directs the animal to follow a path. In Fearless Change, the pattern Easier Path recommends making life easier to encourage reluctant individuals to adopt a new idea. Linda suggests that in conversations with others who see the world differently, we “talk to the elephant” instead of the “rider.” That is, don’t use logic or facts, but appeal to the emotional brain of the resistor as well as making the path more attractive. There is always the question: What’s the best way to talk to the elephant? This presentation will provide some answers. Listeners will learn the best elephant-speak based on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and also hear suggestions for providing an Easier Path.

About the Speaker

Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee. Her background includes university teaching as well as work in telecommunications, avionics, and tactical weapons systems.

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Linda is an internationally known presenter on topics related to agile development, patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and the connection between the latest neuroscience and software development. Linda is the author of numerous articles and five books. She was honored by the World Agility Forum in 2020 with their Lifetime Achievement Award. She has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in object-based design metrics.

Workshops, Experience Reports and Panel Sessions


Teaching Agile So It Sticks: Push Knowledge to Expertise

Delivering training is easy. But will they remember it next week? And will they still be doing it months from now?

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Teaching Agile So It Sticks: Push Knowledge to Expertise

Delivering training is easy. But will they remember it next week? And will they still be doing it months from now?

Chances are the answer is, “no.” Most corporate training fails at its goal of effecting organizational change, and most training of any kind fails because of something called the Forgetting Curve. Without regular practice at new skills and concepts, people can’t remember what they learned in a class. It’s not their fault—it’s simply a human trait. So how do we facilitate effective learning? How can we support learners with effective courses, skills practice, and learning environments?

Richard Kasperowski will share his experience in designing effective courses and co-creating excellent learning environments. He will guide you through a series of fun activities to create your own Agile curriculum and learning modules. You’ll leave understanding how to design effective learning experiences and support your staff as they put their new Agile skills and knowledge into practice.

Who should attend? Leaders, coaches, Scrum Masters, trainers, team members, and anyone else who cares about sharing Agile mindset and practices to improve the way their organization works.

Teaching an Agile course should be with an Agile approach. As a teacher/trainer one should look at the training course as a product. The trainer is both the developer and coach and should get feedback from your customer (trainee), make adjustments, and provide tangible outcomes. Retrospective every class session, whether online or f2f. The trainer needs to help trainees to gain expertise as they are learning the knowledge.

Richard Kasperowski

Richard Kasperowski

Certified Agile Team Building™

Richard Kasperowski is an author, teacher, speaker, and coach focused on team building and high-performance teams.

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Richard is the author of two books: High-Performance Teams: The Foundations and The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness, as well as the forthcoming book High-Performance Teams: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence. He leads clients in building and maintaining high-performance teams that get great results using the Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology. Richard created and teaches the course Agile Software Development at Harvard University, and he co-teaches the Spark! fellowship at Boston University. Learn more and subscribe to Richard’s newsletter at


What’s It Worth? The Art of Determining and Tracking Business Value

Agility is about quickly delivering business value. But, how do you rapidly determine whether a feature is producing business value?

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What’s It Worth? The Art of Determining and Tracking Business Value

Agility is about quickly delivering business value. This concept has a lot of issues. How do you rapidly determine whether a feature is producing business value? How do you assign a measure to the business value for a feature? How do you prioritize a set of features to maximize the delivery of value? How do you track and report on that delivery?

In this session, we’ll explore ways to answer these questions. The talk starts with creating a hypothesis for whether a feature is delivering business value and determining an objective way to measure if the hypothesis is true. Next covered is assigning business value to features and using that value to help prioritize features. It winds up with making visible the status of business value delivery to help determine what to do next.

Anyone involved in generating ideas for implementation – customers, product owners, product managers – will benefit from having clearer ways to track business value delivery. Implementers – developers, testers, and others – will get better feedback as to the business value of what they are creating

Ken Pugh Agile Speaker

Ken Pugh

Chief Consultant, Ken Pugh, Inc.

Ken Pugh helps companies evolve into lean Agile organizations through training – collaborating on requirements, delivering business value, and using lean principles.

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Ken has trained, mentored, and testified on technology topics ranging from Object-Oriented Design to Linux/Unix. He has written several books, including the 2006 Jolt Award winner Prefactoring and his latest: Lean-Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Better Software Through Collaboration. Ken has helped clients from London to Boston to San Francisco to Sydney to Beijing to Hyderabad. He promotes Acceptance Test-Driven Development / Behavior Driven Development as a key aspect in shifting left and increasing the flow of business value.


Empowering Women in Agile

a co-presentation with Agile Testing Days

Join us for a dynamic conversation about ways to build technical communities, increase mentorship and allyship, and better support each other in learning and career development.

Continuing the series of “Women in Agile” conversations co-hosted by Agile Alliance and Agile Testing Days to celebrate 20 years of Agile, this panel conversation will explore different ways of empowering women – and other underrepresented groups in tech – to become leaders in their fields.

The international panel includes:

  • Faiza Yousuf
    founder of WomeninTechPK, Product Management consultant
  • Nancy Gariché
    Co-leader of OWASP DevSlop, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Gitte Klitgaard
    Engineering Manager at Mentimeter, owner of Native Wired
  • Cheryl Hammond
    Principal DevOps Consultant at Contino and Women in Agile Conference Co-Chair

Speakers Announced Shortly

Experience Reports present compelling personal accounts of what actually happens in practice when introducing or amplifying Agile ideas and work in daily life. Join us for two short and informative talks followed by a discussion that will dig deeper into the learnings presented.

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