Agile2021 Conference

July 19 - 22 | Online

Leading a Digital Transformation

Transformational change in enterprises is complex and hard – effective agility requires addressing multiple facets of the organization. These talks will help you consider your efforts from multiple perspectives, and give you ideas about how to help shape a better, more Agile organization.

Who should attend: Agile Coaches, Org Managers & Leaders
– especially finance, big enterprise, and government

Kathy Berkidge

The Stakeholder Engagement Canvas

Kathy Berkidge

While there are many tools and techniques to perform stakeholder analysis, we need to more deeply analyze the mindset of our stakeholders to understand how they might view various situations, and we must also look within ourselves to understand how our words and actions are perceived to find how to build rapport. This is where mindfulness is needed. The ‘Stakeholder Engagement Canvas’ helps us perform a more thoughtful and insightful level of stakeholder analysis.

– Kathy Berkidge, Mind at Work Consulting

Business Agility is often described as adaptability, flexibility, and balance allowing companies to respond rapidly and with confidence to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision. How do we build this capability holistically and integrally, enabling meaningful change in a sustainable way? How do we engage our people in all parts and at all levels of an organization to contribute to the transformational social movement with customer centricity at heart? What structures do we need to have in place and how do we evolve our working relationships to enable more scalable business outcomes? And how do we need to think differently about the way we lead to be the instrument of change? – Nadezhda Belousova, Evolneo GmbH

Are your Agile Enterprise Transformation efforts taking a lot of energy yet results are slow in coming? Are you trying to align the organization with a new strategy and find it frustrating because people fall back into their old habits? Our experiences transforming complex organizations have led us back to Agile’s roots in complexity science to understand that all complex adaptive systems exhibit a set of common properties that allow them to not only survive but also thrive in turbulent environments. Working with these elements contributes to a smoother transformation process. – Marcelle Bastianello, Innovative Systems Associates


Leading Multi-Cultural Change

with Omar Velasco, Dan Leeds, Patricia Acosta Soler, Evan Leybourn, and Jordi Falguera

Leading global transformation is always a challenge. The issues are not just international geography, time zones, and language. Even when we can agree on a common language for the engagement, we find that native and non-native speakers do not speak the same language. Divisions within the same company may feel like entirely different companies – often, they have been. Organizational and decision-making norms vary from culture to culture. Politeness and rudeness vary. Join us for a deep dive into the multi-cultural maelstrom with a panel that has survived and thrived in it.

– Omar Velasco, UST; Dan Leeds, Morgan Stanley; Patricia Acosta Soler, Orange; Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute; Jordi Falguera, Business Agility

Learn to Lead a Digital Transformation

If you’re looking to inspire real transformational change, these talks will help you consider transformation efforts from multiple perspectives and give you ideas about how to help shape a better, more agile organization.

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