We’re going beyond past constraints and reimagining a fully digital Agile2021 experience to help you build your network, advance your knowledge, and enable you to find new ways to deliver high value to your stakeholders.

Agile International Meetings

A Broader Range of Voices

Join and network with Agile practitioners from around the world. This year’s speakers bring solid experience and diverse perspectives on starting and growing Agile inside your organization. Visit our speaker page to learn more.

Schedule and Content Choices to Suit Everyone

Our global-friendly schedule and digital content streaming will ensure you will have plenty of opportunities to join a live session or watch talks regardless of where you live or what your schedule entails. No worries about having to attend at unreasonable times or suffering from digital fatigue. Attend keynotes and talks, participate in workshops, and socialize with other participants at times that fit your schedule. All-access, all the time for maximum value.

APAC: Noon HKT | 6 AM CEST | 11 PM CDT

Also, most sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for 60 days afterward when you purchase an All-Access Pass.

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Agile 2021 Speaker

30-Minute Talks

Talks will feature one presenter delivering an informative and focused presentation followed by an engaging Q & A session following the presentation. Experience report sessions will feature a pair of shorter talks sharing real-life stories of Agile in practice.

50-Minute Workshops

In activity-based workshops, participants will learn together through facilitated exercises that provide real-time interactions and hands-on learning.

agile2021 Speaker

Keynote Presentations

Keynote speakers will share big ideas and powerful messages. This is a time for the entire community of Agilists across the globe to come together to contribute to building a more effective, humane, and sustainable way of working.

Agile2021 Workshops

Agile Exchange Studio

The Agile Exchange Studio features a continuous flow of innovative ideas and dynamic conversations from thought leaders across the globe in a series of panels, fireside chats, and other conversational formats.

Themes will include: IEEE Software curated talks, Agile Then & Now (A look back over the past 20 years), panels on current industry trends and topics, and so much more.

Agile Coaching Career Lab

Powered by Scrum Alliance.

What does it truly mean to be an agile coach? What does good (and bad) agile coaching look like? Answers to these questions and more await you at the Agile Coaching Career Lab.

If you’re ready to learn more about what it means to thrive as a professional agile coach, this series of presentations and interactive sessions are for you. You’ll have the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals to listen, observe, and learn. Come prepared to grow your skills, make lasting connections, and receive feedback from experienced agile coaches.

Networking & Connection

Agile2021 will include multiple spaces where you can wander freely to meet people, discuss ideas in more depth, or seek help with that burning question you need to have answered. Learn about industry developments in the Sponsor Marketplace, and hang out in the Agile Alliance lounge to socialize with other attendees.

Agile2021 All Access Pass

Get Maximum Value With the Agile2021 All-Access Pass

Want time to access the event content after the event? Invest in the All-Access Pass which gives you 60 days of access to most of the conference sessions.