Agile2020 Keynote Speakers

July 20 – 24   | Hilton Orlando |   Orlando, FL


We invite you to join attendees from more than 50 countries at Agile2020! Explore over 260 Agile Sessions, plus insightful Keynotes and a host of social and networking events during this exciting week of Agile learning, collaborating, and connecting.

Agile Developers, Executives, Teams, Managers, Coaches, and Consultants come to our annual conference each year to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders who share their passion for Agile.


Rethinking Agile: Why Agile Teams Have Nothing To Do With Business Agility

Klaus Leopold

LEANability GmbH

I discuss an Agile transformation with 600 people involved. Cross-functional product teams were set-up to remove dependencies. Visualization of the work, stand-up meetings and retrospectives made the agile transformation complete—except for the expected improvements. I share what we did to improve the situation, and I also show how you can approach an Agile transformation of this dimension so that you can avoid the issue of no improvements. I can tell you in advance: do not start at the team level—it will save not only your nerves but also a lot of money!

The Next Generation is Navigating its Way to Your Door:
How to Welcome Them for the Future of Your Organization

Sasha Ariel Alston

United States

I am a Student and STEM Activist here to challenge and shift perceptions in the technology industry and to encourage girls to be creative, take the lead, and to dream big. I am on the cusp of entering the workforce. What will I, and others like me, find when we arrive at the doorsteps of your organization ready to share our skills, to provide solutions, and to excel? Creating a strong,diverse workforce is critical to any organization’s future. I will discuss ways that you can foster a more inclusive culture to welcome the next generation navigating its way to your door.

"And Still, I Rise": Overcoming Workplace Harassment

Semira Allen

United States

In the current climate the topic of harassment in the workplace is one that cannot be ignored. I will be sharing my personal experience as an intern facing the realities of an unwelcoming work environment. My talk will discuss the importance of  making safety a prerequisite and the ways in which that concept can be used to create a safe and collaborative environment for all.

Mentorship + Sponsorship

Lara Hogan

United States

It’s critical to lean on one’s network of support as we grow our skills. We often find mentors: people who can give us helpful advice. But what can be even more valuable is finding “sponsors”, who help us find new opportunities and improve the visibility of our work. This talk will cover how sponsorship works, and why it’s so effective. Lara Hogan will walk through tactics you can employ today to be a sponsor for those around you, too.