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We invite you to join attendees from over 40 countries at Agile2019. Explore over 260 Agile Sessions, plus insightful Keynotes and a host of social and networking events during this exciting week of Agile learning, collaborating, and connecting.

Agile Developers, Executives, Teams, Managers, Coaches, and Consultants come to our annual conference each year to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders who share their passion for Agile.

Keynote speakers will be announced soon!


The Future of Work & Healthy Teams (that might not be agile)

Dominic Price


We're in times of unprecedented change. This disruption is impacting all facets of the way organizations operate, including the technology they use, their employees, their competition. The businesses, teams, and people, that will thrive in this new world, require a new set of muscles and disciplines. Dom will talk through his experience in helping Atlassian scale over the last 5 years (what worked, and what didn't!), and also insights into how they are helping their customers evolve. More guidance, less process.

What is the story with Agile data?

Troy Magennis


We are surrounded by data, but we often struggle to see and use it.  It’s not good enough just to show the data in a chart.  People need to see and understand the importance of the data they are being shown, and then know how to act. Stories help people make that connection. This keynote is about helping people tell important stories in Agile using data. Stories that help something known by a few become known to everyone, in such a compelling way, that the right action is taken.

Radical Candor: Love your work and the people you work with

Kim Scott

Radical Candor

Kim Scott has developed a framework called Radical Candor that will help you improve your feedback by focusing on caring personally and challenging directly at the same time. Feedback is deeply uncomfortable for most people, but is the atomic building block of good relationships at work.