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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Agile2018? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to get your answer.

What is Agile2018?

Agile2018 is the largest annual global gathering of Agile practitioners.

In its 17th year, the conference is the premier international event for the advancement of Agile software development and is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and practices while providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish.

What is included in the cost of Agile2018?

The cost of the conference includes admission to all sessions and evening events, food*, 5 drink tickets**,  and conference swag including a t-shirt and sponsor giveaways.

Hotel and Travel costs are not included and is the responsibility of attendees to book.

*Food provided includes:

  • Breakfast & Morning Break (daily Monday to Friday)
  • Lunch & Afternoon Break (daily Monday to Thursday)
  • Reception-style food stations (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening)

**Drink Tickets can be used during evening events on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There is also a cash bar available at these events.

Where will Agile2018 take place?

The host hotel for Agile2018 is the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina.

All sessions and meals take place there, however all guest rooms are sold out.

Here are some hotels that are within walking distance of the host hotel:

Note:  If you are attending Women in Agile on Sunday, August 5th, please be sure to book accommodations accordingly.

Is there an official airline for Agile2018?

Alaska Airlines is the official airline of Agile2018.

Purchase your ticket with Alaska Airlines and receive a discount of up to 5% off base fare levels, valid between August 4, 2018 – August 12, 2018 for travel to San Diego International Airport.

To take advantage of this offer, go to and input the Discount Code ECMZ238 when searching for flights. Once you enter the code, click the “?” next to the discount code box to view a detailed description of the rules and regulations.

This code is valid for all Alaska, SkyWest, Virgin, and Horizon West Flights booked through

What are the different types of registrations?

There are four types of registrations:

  • Regular: Available to anyone who would like to attend Agile2018.
  • Member: Available to individual members and corporate members of Agile Alliance.
  • Academic: Available to full-time faculty members, students or staff of a college or university
  • Group Registrations: Available to groups of 5 or more who pay for all registrations at the same time.

You can only register for the rates for which you are eligible.

All registration types receive the same benefits at the Agile2018 Conference.

How do I qualify for the Member Registration Rate?

The Member Registration Rate is only available to individual and corporate members of Agile Alliance.

If you are already a member of Agile Alliance, you need to be logged into your Agile Alliance account to see the Membership Registration Rate.

If you would like to become a member, please review our membership options here.

I am a Member of Agile Alliance but I am not seeing the Member Registration Rate. What do I do?

If you are an active individual or corporate member of Agile Alliance, please ensure you are logged into your Agile Alliance account.

If you still do not see the Member Registration Rate, verify that you are an active individual or corporate member.

To verify your account status:

  • Log in if you are not already
  • Select your Profile Icon in the top right corner of any page
  • Select Edit Profile
  • The top of the Profile page displays your current account status. If the page reads “You are a Subscriber” you are not currently an active individual or corporate member of Agile Alliance. Visit this page to become an individual member or renew your membership.

You can see the difference between subscriber, individual member, and corporate member on our Membership Options page.

Do I qualify for the Super Early Bird Rate or Early Bird Rate?

The Super Early Bird Rate and the Early Bird Rate are only available to individual and corporate members of Agile Alliance. Agile Alliance members registering while these rates are still available do not need a discount code or special link — the Super Early Bird Rate or Early Bird Rate will automatically be applied to your registration.

If you are an Agile Alliance member, you can register at the Super Early Bird Rate if you are among of the first 200 registrations for the conference. Once the Super Early Bird registrations are sold out, the Early Bird Rate is available for the next 200 registrations.

We have sold out of Super Early Bird and Early Bird rates for Agile2018. The Member Registration Rate is available.

The registration form shows a lower price for members, but in the text it says this is for individual members only. Do corporate members no longer receive a discount?

Although you are associated with an Organization that has an Agile Alliance Corporate Membership, you are still considered an individual member of Agile Alliance and therefore qualify for the Membership Registration Rate for Agile2018.

I am a full-time faculty member, student, or staff member at a college or university. How do I receive the Academic Registration Rate?

To be eligible for the Academic Registration Rate, you must provide proof of full-time faculty, student, or staff status.

Please send one of the following current documents to

  • Letters from your supervisor or dean
  • Paid receipts for your full-time registration
  • Class schedule
  • Record of employment
  • Other official documentation

Once your information is verified, we’ll send you further instructions within 48 hours about how to register at this rate.

I am attending Agile2018 with some colleagues. Do we qualify for the Group Registration Rate?

The Group Registration Rate for Agile2018 is $1949 and is available to anyone. You must be a group of 5 or more and the group must be purchased in one payment. You can add registrations to your group beyond the initial five registrations.

If you have a large group and would like to do individual payments for the group registration, please contact us using the form below for further instructions.

I have already created my Group Registration and now someone else would like to join us. Is it too late for them to receive the Group Registration Rate?

If you have already registered as a group and would like to add one or more individuals, you can log back into your registration to do this.

To add another person to your group, please have the Primary Attendee (the person who made the registration) log back into their registration:

  • Go to the Agile2018 Registration Page
  • Select View or Change Your Existing Registration
  • Provide the password you set when making the initial registration
  • Once you are logged in, select Add Another Person
  • You can then add additional attendees to your group. You are able use a different form of payment than the original group purchase.

What happens when people in my group registration cancel, leaving fewer than the required 5-person minimum for this registration type?

If some of the people in your group cancel from your group registration, bringing the total number in the group below 5, you no longer qualify for the Group Registration Rate.

If this happens, your first option is to find a sufficient number of substitutes to get the number in the group to 5 or more. Please keep in mind that the deadline to substitute registrations is July 23, 2018.

If you are unable to find substitutes and the total number in the group falls below 5 registrations, each remaining person in the group will be charged at the Regular Registration Rate and will have an outstanding balance due.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

All cancellations must be received in writing or by email by July 9, 2018 at 5:00pm EDT. There is a $150.00 processing fee for any cancellation.

No refund of any kind, for any reason (including medical emergencies) will be given for cancellation requests received after July 9, 2018.

No-shows are liable for the entire conference fee.

Can I transfer my registration or substitute someone in my group with someone else?

Substitutions from the same organization are welcome with no additional fee, as long as the substitute qualifies for the same type of registration (member/regular/academic). If the substitute attendee does not qualify for your rate, an additional fee may be required. If a substitution is necessary, please contact us using the form below.

For substitutions please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Agile2018 Member Registration Page
  • Select View or Change Existing Registration
  • Verify your registration by entering your email address. If you set a password during registration, you’ll need to enter that as well.
  • Once Logged in, select Manage Registration at the top of the page and then select Continue
  • Update the Profile information to reflect the new attendee on the Profile tab.
  • Select  Finish on the Checkout Page

How can I pay for my registration?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, as well as checks and wire transfers.

Can I change my payment method after registering? For example, I chose a wire transfer but now I would like to pay by credit card.

Yes, you can change your method of payment after completing your registration:

  • Go to the Agile2018 Registration Page
  • Select View or Change Your Existing Registration
  • Once you are in your registration, select the Checkout Page
  • Select another payment method from the drop-down menu

I need an invoice or receipt for my registration. How do I obtain one?

To receive an invoice:

  • Go to your registration either from your registration confirmation email or from the Agile2018 Registration Page
  • Select View or Change Your Existing Registration
  • Select Review, Change or Update Your Registration
  • Select Documents
  • Select Receipt

How do I receive the complimentary 1-year Agile Alliance Membership that is included with my registration?

During the registration process, you have the option to receive a 1-year complimentary membership with Agile Alliance.

We process the membership approximately two weeks after Agile2018 has ended.

If you are not already an Agile Alliance individual member, you’ll receive a 1-year complimentary membership. If you are an active individual member, we’ll add a year to your current expiration date. Please note: If your account is set to Auto-Renew, this feature will be removed when we add a year to your expiration date.

The offer of a complimentary 1-year individual membership is not applicable if you are connected to an organization that is an active corporate member.

Once we process the membership updates, we’ll let you know how to access your new membership or that your membership has been extended.

I received an email indicating that my membership is going to expire but I’ve registered for Agile2018. Don’t I receive a complimentary 1-year membership?

We send out two automatic notifications that your account is expiring, 30 days and 5 days prior to your expiration date.

We process membership updates that occur as a result of Agile2018 attendance following the conclusion of the conference, usually within two weeks.  You may experience a short gap in access if your account expires before we process membership updates.

If you did not opt for a complimentary 1-year membership but would like to receive a complimentary year, please contact us using the form below.

Is there a Government or Nonprofit Rate for Agile2018?

We do not have a Government or Nonprofit Rate for Agile2018. To obtain a reduced rate, we suggest becoming an individual member of Agile Alliance or registering using the Group Registration Rate.

We encourage you to become an Agile Alliance individual member so you can receive membership benefits instantly.

Individual membership is valued at $100 for the year and gives you access to Agile Alliance’s vast library of resources, including content and videos from past event sessions, downloadable materials, and research papers.

You also qualify for the Member Registration Rate at all of our conferences, including Agile2018, which is $2099. Learn more about our membership opportunities here.

Alternatively, the Group Registration Rate for Agile2018 is $1949 and is available to groups of 5 or more.

Does PMI offer PDUs for the sessions at Agile2018? If so, where can I find out how many PDUs I will receive for each session?

Agile Alliance is not a registered education provider (REP) with PMI. However — since Agile2018 is a conference supporting Agile education — you should be able to apply the hours you spend at Agile2018 toward PDUs. If you submit your registration confirmation, this should be enough to have the hours accepted.

Please note: The decision to accept these hours is made by PMI, certifying body. As Agile Alliance is not a registered education provider for the organization, we cannot guarantee PMI will accept the conference and award you PDUs.

Can you help me obtain a visa so I can attend Agile2018?

Agile Alliance is not able to assist with your visa process.

For information about how to apply for your visa, please visit

I need a Letter of Invitation in order to attend Agile2018. Can you provide one?

Agile Alliance is not able to offer Letters of Invitation to attendees. It is solely at your discretion to obtain the necessary paperwork for your visa.

Past attendees have found that providing proof of registration and hotel confirmations have been sufficient documentation to acquire the necessary visa.

Is Agile2018 offered in different languages?

While we welcome international attendees, all sessions will be in English.

Are day passes available for Agile2018?

Agile2018 brings together people from more than 40 countries to examine the state of Agile and push Agile knowledge deeper, exploring ever more sophisticated ways to enhance business value and effectiveness.

Connecting and sharing is at the heart of Agile2018. There is no substitute for face-to-face contact, and the event is designed to enhance networking opportunities between attendees, speakers, and sponsors. We feel that day passes detract from this high-quality experience, so we do not offer them.

How do I create my schedule for Agile2018?

Our event scheduling app is separate from your Agile2018 Registration. It offers you the ability to identify the sessions you’d like to attend.

To start planning a schedule:

  • Go to the Agile 2018 Program page
  • Select Sign up
  • Enter your email, name, and create a password
  • The schedule displays with selection options once this is complete

I already created my Agile2018 schedule but now I can't see it. How do I gain access to it again?

Go to the online schedule website to log in and see your schedule for Agile2018.

What is the Agile2018 dress code?

Agile2018 has a dress code of Business Casual, however we encourage attendees to dress in whatever they feel most comfortable.

What meals are provided at Agile2018?

These meals are included with your conference registration:

  • Breakfast & Morning Break (daily Monday to Friday)
  • Lunch & Afternoon Break (daily Monday to Thursday)
  • Reception-style food stations (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings)

We also provide 5 drink tickets which can be used during evening events on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (cash bar available as well).

I’m attending Agile2018 for the first time, what can I expect?

New to the Agile2018 Conference? Join us for a First Time Attendee Orientation session. These short half-hour sessions are designed to give you a little “101 Guide” to Agile2018, including insights into how to get the most out of your experience. There will also be a Q&A session at the end in case we miss anything.

There is no pre-registration required for any of these sessions, which will be held in Marriott Salon 1&2:

  • Sunday: 15:15 – 15:45 & 18:15 – 18:45
  • Monday: 08:15 – 08:45

Still have a question, comment or feedback about Agile2018?

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