Agile Testing Days 2021

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About Agile Testing Days

Begun as a software testing conference in 2009, the Agile Testing Days have become part of the world’s leading agile and software testing conferences. Its unique combination of Agile methodologies, testing, quality, and interaction sets the tone.

The Agile Testing Days are an immersive event for software engineers, testing professionals, and Agile practitioners. The conference provides a fun platform to learn, connect, and network in the Agile community. The organizers are particularly passionate about creating an inclusive, diverse, and accessible event — a safe place to share ideas and evolve professional and personal skills.

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Agile Testing Days Program 2021

A Comprehensive Track Program in a Fun Atmosphere

The Agile Testing Days is best known for its rich 8-track program and highly entertaining festival atmosphere. The conference features track sessions, tutorials, workshops, keynotes, showcases, social evening events, and a variety of networking opportunities. The Agile Testing Days covers topics ranging from emerging technical needs in the software testing industry and future trends in Agile to topics that fall outside of or beyond testing like diversity, inclusion, and mental health. People love the Agile Testing Days because it connects people from all around the world from many different organizations – all working on ways to improve both how we work and the quality of the product.

Reasons to Attend the AgileTD

On Monday, November 15th, participants can choose between 8 full-day tutorials, facilitated by Agile software quality experts like Daniel Billing, Jan-Jaap Cannegieter & Derk-Jan de Grood, Anne-Marie Charrett, Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory, Ash Winter, Huib Schoots & Paul Holland, Simon Berner, and Lisi Hocke & Toyer Mamoojee.

Running from November 16th – 18th, the conference offers a wide range of talks, workshops, and keynotes. Attendees can take a break from their busy schedule with special bonus sessions and social events like Lean Coffee, Open Space, Fresh air & Self-care, Yoga & Meditation, and many more.

And the nights? Magic and sparkles are best seen in the dark. The evenings round up all the greatness of the days, meeting new and old friends, mingling and playing games, finding learning partners and allies in the Human Community Space, or dancing your shoes off during the infamous MIATPP Award Night & Costume Party.

  • 9 thought-provoking keynotes
  • 8 full-day tutorials
  • 48 top-notch talks
  • 12 hands-on workshops
  • 6 combo sessions, consisting of a talk and related workshop part
  • over 12 bonus sessions and networking events

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