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Begun as a software testing conference in 2009, Agile Testing Days has become one of the world’s leading Agile and software testing conferences. Its combination of Agile methodologies, testing, quality, and interaction sets its unique tone.

This year’s conference will take place from November 15-18, 2021.

Since 2018, Agile Alliance and Agile Testing Days have joined forces to bring trends within the industry to Agile testers worldwide. This year the AgileTD program features a comprehensive program in a fun atmosphere, presenting fascinating insights and solutions by top Agile testers and industry experts.

Agile Testing Days covers topics ranging from emerging technical needs and trends in software testing to topics that fall outside of or beyond testing like diversity, inclusion, and mental health.

Currently, an Early Bird sale is available via Agile Alliance until September 16, 2021! Register for AgileTD 2021 here: AgileTD | Registration 2021.

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Agile Testing Days 2021

The AgileTD organizers have an exclusive offer for all Agile Alliance members. For any ticket combination, you will receive a 150.00 EURO discount. Make sure you’re logged in as a Member to get the code!


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