Are Agile technical practices and security interdependent?

In our May 2021 event celebrating 20 years of Agile technical practices, we rediscovered some forgotten facts from the early days of agile. We were reminded that security professionals have been part of the Agile community since the earliest days of XP. In this panel, we’ll explore the history of security and Agile technical practices. We’ll also look to the future to consider the possibilities of how Agile technical practices and security can and will evolve together.

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Meet Our Agile Tech Talk Panelists

Mario Platt

Mario Platt

With 18+ years of experience and with roles spanning penetration testing, operations, engineering, product management and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Mario Platt is known for his strategic thinking, pragmatic approaches often bridging the communication gap between technical and governance professionals to enable real collaboration. Speaker on learning from safety science, resilience engineering and managing in complexity.

Tal Klein

Tal Klein

Tal Klein is the CMO of Relay, the industry-leading customer engagement software company helping b2c companies create and foster customers for life. He has more years of experience than he’d care to count using Wardley mapping to help bring to market products that provide extraordinary value for the enterprise. Previously, Tal was CMO of cloud security companies Rezilion and Adallom, as well as the Insight Partners-backed Digital Experience Monitoring leader Lakeside Software and is an active board member and investor. He also wrote a best-selling science fiction novel, The Punch Escrow.

laurie williams agile tech talks

Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams is a Distinguished University Professor of the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU). She is one of the foremost researchers in agile software development and in the security of healthcare IT applications. Laurie’s research focuses on software security; agile, lean, and continuous deployment software development practices and processes; software reliability, software testing and analysis; and broadening participation and increasing retention in computer science. She worked for IBM Corporation for nine years before returning to academia.

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