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We are still accepting speakers for Agile2021, but time is running out!
Please see our submissions page to learn how you can become a speaker.


As we near the close of the submission process for Agile2021, we wanted to continue to build on our commitment to expand and attract content that is from a diverse range of speakers. One of those areas that we want to cultivate is folks who are new to public speaking.

Maybe you are like me from several years ago? I had never spoken in public, had anxiety about putting myself out there, and was worried that my ideas wouldn’t be good enough to appeal to a broad audience. I also had no clue how to get started! 

As a new speaker, I was lucky to have advocates – folks who helped me understand the impact it would have on my career and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. The result of doing this work has been clear – I am able to be more concise on delivering messages at work and it’s helped me achieve more than I was able to previously. 

Reflecting on the impact that public speaking has had for me made me curious to see if there were others with the same experience. I caught up with Juan Banda, Agile Alliance’s Community Developer for LATAM, last week and was delighted to discover a similar story. 

We’re sharing that story with you today in hopes that we can advocate that you make a similar leap towards public speaking and submit to Agile2021! The deadline is April 15th @ 11:59PM ET.


About the Author

Jen Krieger is a technology enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in delivering software and infrastructure development products in open source software environments. She is passionate about building strong happy teams, taking a no BS approach, and ensuring that effective lean process improvement is a cornerstone of any organizations she supports.


This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They do not represent opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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