Joe Justice: WIKISPEED Q & A

Joe Justice of Team WIKISPEED walks us through their agile-built modular X PRIZE race-car!



Description:  Keynote Speaker Joe Justice brought his very first,100 MPG WIKISPEED X PRIZE race-car with him to Agile2012!  This is the X PRIZE competition race-car that a volunteer team from around the world built, using agile methods and practices, free collaborative tools, and the driving motivation of a much greater humanitarian dream.

In a fun and engaging hallway Q & A -- Joe meets with attendees in a casual unscripted hour of sharing practical Agile knowledge, pointers, and experience.  He uses the x-prize car as a case study in excellence, and his experience as an agile coach to speak in practical agile terms across both hardware and software industries.  The result is an awesomely insightful and engaging dialogue.  You'll find actionable insights you can use to build successful teams for software, or hardware -- for applications or automobiles.