The Human Side of Agile: How to Help Your Team Deliver

by Gil Broz    

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As an Agile team leader, your biggest challenge is also your biggest asset.

The human side of Agile is tricky. It's the least manageable, understood, and appreciated asset in an Agile environment. Even if your customers are reasonably happy and your developers seem to be doing okay, you know your team is capable of more: delivering great products and staying ahead of ever-changing demands.

You need a team that's self-organized, energetic, and flexible, even in tough situations. But how do you build it and lead it?

Whether you're a ScrumMaster, project manager, functional manager, or team leader, you want to feel good about using Agile and to create the conditions for great results. But the project management skills you honed in traditional environments don't always apply to the role of Agile team leader. The Human Side of Agile fills this gap, guiding you to:

Establish yourself as a confident and capable leader who adds value
Build and lead an engaged team that can handle almost any challenge
Cultivate collaboration and a continuous improvement mind-set
Reap the full benefits of Agile in the real world with real people

"I just found the next must-read book for our entire leadership team."
Tricia Broderick, Director of Development, TechSmith

"This book is up there with Peopleware, with concrete examples you can use immediately."
Dave Rooney, Sherpa, Shopify

"Agile teams need effective leaders who 'get' the people stuff. Without that you're merely going through the Agile motions."
Scott W. Ambler, co-creator of Disciplined Agile Delivery

Gil Broza, founder and chief specialist at 3P Vantage, has successfully mentored Agile leaders and their teams since 2004. Gil's guidance helps professionals adopt effective, humane, and responsible approaches to software development.