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Test Driven .NET Development with FitNesse

by Gojko Adzic. This book takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of FitNesse, a great web-based collaboration tool for software acceptance testing. FitNesse enables software developers and business people to build a shared understanding of the domain and helps produce software that is genuinely fit for purpose.

The Art of Agile Development

by James Shore & Shane Warden. The Art of Agile Development contains practical guidance for anyone considering or applying agile development for building valuable software. Plenty of books describe what agile development is or why it helps software projects succeed, but very few combine information for developers, managers, testers, and customers into a single package that they can apply directly.

Agile Java-Entwicklung in der Praxis

by Michael Hüttermann. Klar, alle entwickeln inzwischen “agil”. Fast jeder hat schon einmal vom Agilen Manifest gehört, häufige Iterationen werden inzwischen für die meisten IT-Projekte angestrebt, und dass die zwischenmenschliche Komponente auch “irgendwie” wichtig ist, wissen wir doch auch nicht erst seit gestern. Aber “agil” ist nicht so vage und schon gar nicht beliebig.