Engineering - Review Criteria

Note 1. Review Criteria

This program is primarily for spreading proven techniques that help implement Agile principles in programmable hardware and firmware. A Tip can come from industry or academia, but should be written by the person who actually implemented it.

Tips will be reviewed for:

  • being in scope (the charter of AA says it's a software organization, so our scope is programmable technologies of all sorts. For the present time, other kinds of engineering are outside scope, but we'd like to hear from you if you want to discuss this.)
  • being clear and detailed enough that a person of similar background could implement the tip. - length. Prefer 2 pages max but will consider some variation. If it's very long, perhaps it should be 2 or more tips.
  • not overly commercial. Please don't send disguised advertisements for your product. It's ok to mention specific tools, and even vendors but we'll use our judgement to keep the content to be relevant to practitioners, by screening out things that appear to be advertisements.

We encourage the use of visual elements - a photo of your lab set-up or a device layout diagram is good to have. Several images can be part of one tip.