Coaching Beyond the Team

March 19, 2014 to March 20, 2014

Atlanta, GA

Contact: Esther Derby  |  Link to Event


Learn how to coach beyond the team. Agile coaches and Scrum Masters face many challenges. They have no authority to insist people listen or do, yet managers and executives expect organization-wide results from their activities. Furthermore, many executives see clearly how teams should change, but don’t see how the environment or their own actions impact teams. Learn how to discover the factors in the organization that affect your team’s ability to adapt to change and deliver value. Practice techniques to help others see how the environment supports or impedes your team–so your teams keep improving and don’t revert to “the way we’ve always done it.” Through simulations and small group activities we’ll explore common organizational patterns and dynamics. Through discussion and practice, you’ll learn tools that will help you communicate the changes needed to unleash productivity.