Certified ScrumMaster Training in Irvine, CA -14 PDUs

April 07, 2014 to April 08, 2014

Work Is Good Workspace, 2082 Business Center Dr. Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92612

Contact: Bachan Anand  |  Link to Event


Looking for a straight-forward explanation of Scrum and how to use it effectively?  Searching for ways to tailor your current processes to effectively support Scrum?  During this two-day dynamic, interactive Certified ScrumMaster class, renowned consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer, Carlton Nettleton will share his proven, real-world experienced and techniques implementing Scrum and show you how you can be successful with Scrum. Through short, focused lectures that simplify each piece of the Scrum framework, the class will include lots of peer-to-peer discussions and small-group activities, that reinforce each topic and will help you maximize your understanding and retention of Scrum.  You will learn from Carlton’s experience, and the experiences of the others, what works and what does not work with Scrum.  Most importantly, you will have a blast learning as there is absolutely NO PowerPoint in this class.

This is what you will learn from the other participants in the course:

"Everyone struggles with Scrum."
"Scrum principles are based on tested results and workable."
"Experience on applying Scrum in big, old organizations and struggles on how to change from traditional project manager to Scrum."
"Admired their Agile mindset and their more positive ways of giving feedback "we can do better" vs. "we are off track".
"Learned how they implemented Scrum, roadblocks they faced and how to overcome those."
"Knowledge to decide whether Scrum is for me or not and when to implement it."
"That others are facing similar issues in adopting and adapting to Scrum."
"I learned a lot from people with different roles in their organization."
"Mechanics are not the emphasis for success in this methodology."
"The issues I face in my work is common among my classmates."
"Surprised that Scrum is not as structured as PMI."