Certified Scrum Developer Lab

April 28, 2014 to April 30, 2014

Redmond, WA

Contact: SolutionsIQ Agile Training  |  Link to Event


SolutionsIQ’s Certified Scrum Developer Lab is designed for software developers who are interested in learning the coding and collaboration practices used by the most experienced Agile teams to achieve breakout performance and enduring quality.

Students learn how to use Agile engineering practices in an integrated manner within the Scrum framework and to collaborate effectively as part of a self-organizing team. The curriculum fulfills the 3-day technical training requirement that is part of earning the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) credential from the Scrum Alliance. Structured as a hands-on software development project,

Topics include:

  • How to identify and remedy negative coding and design patterns
  • How to use refactoring to incrementally refine design and reduce technical debt
  • The architecture and design principles that enable testability and ease of change
  • Continuous integration practices
  • Unit testing principles and practices, including how to write good tests
  • How to effectively use test automation
  • Test-driven development as an approach to design
  • Tried and true collaboration techniques for working together as a team and with the customer
  • Pair programming
  • How to use a wide variety of software development and code analysis tools

The regular price for this 3-day class is $1695, but we are pleased to offer it to qualified individuals on a complimentary basis. During registration, students are required to pay a $150 fee for the CSD credential. Those who do not wish to pursue the certification will be fully refunded on request after course completion. Please note that a maximum of two people per company will be admitted due to space limitations. Registration for this course is limited to qualified participants. Qualified students will be contacted about how to complete registration. Applicants must have Java and Object-Oriented Programming experience in order to be considered.