Agile Business Conference

October 08, 2014 to October 09, 2014

London, UK

Contact: Mary Henson  |  Link to Event


Organizational change is essential in today’s business climate where competitive pressures, changing customer needs, new technology, legislation, regulatory compliance and other business issues need to be addressed – fast. Our conference provides you with an opportunity to meet and engage with the experts and thought leaders who have implemented focused, efficient change programs in a wide variety of industries. Their experiences cut across all levels in both public and private sectors and above all they share a passion for the Agile approach to implementing change.

In the full two-day program of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions, the emphasis will be on in-depth exploration of the topics, issues and challenges facing a wealth of organisations and individuals as they move beyond the initial implementation and strive to embrace and master Agile to achieve its full potential in any sector and in any culture.