CLUE: The Retro

This is a semi-self-paced retro designed to be done within 60-75 minutes. It uses the board from the board game Clue as a metaphor. This retro was designed for use […]

What you think is what you get (WYTIWYG)

A mindfulness exercise that helps us to take the stance of not-knowing and to recognize how quickly we let ourselves be guided by our first impression. With this bias we often miss the chance to explore alternatives and thus leave even much better solutions uncovered.

Drowning in Dependencies? Try a new Dependency Game!

Find a golden path to delivering maximum business value by benefiting from collaboration vs. getting stuck in dependencies. This new game will help your organization learn the dynamic and importance of dependency management in a fun and impactful way!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This game is designed to introduce the basics of Scrum by walking players through Scrum Events using the simple creation of a children’s comic book as the product. Here is […]

Remote Comunication

In these times of remote teams, it is always difficult to generate pleasant team dynamics. I have used this dynamic several times, it helps me to improve communication, cohesion, and […]

The Scrum Workflow

This is a useful exercise to conduct in a classroom or together with your Scrum team. It creates alignment around the purpose of each event in Scrum and the roles […]

Pair Poetry

This is an exercise to help people understand why pair programming works; in particular why it produces better code. It has some usefulness for helping technical team members understand this, […]

The Turkey Game: Agile Product Management

Learning Goals Introduce Product Management skills, story splitting, and iterative product development in a simulation that we can all relate to–preparing a big holiday dinner. Holiday meals require lots of […]

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